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About M.E.

Marula Escapes (M.E.) is a Luxury Travel brand offering an exclusive, hand-picked selection of exceptional properties and bespoke services throughout Africa.

Deriving its name from the ancient tree, Marula Escapes was founded to reveal some of Africa’s most exclusive travel experiences.

Our passion for Africa, its rich and diverse culture and incomparable spirit of adventure, together with an accumulation of experience and a great appetite for travel has given rise to Africa’s first luxury travel experience platform.

Our Values


Passion in an energy that fuels all that we do and dares  us to be different, to go above and beyond. It is an all consuming fire that defines one’s character and actions and breeds excellence. It attracts, is contagious and the essence of True Hospitality. It is a dominating characteristic of Marula Escapes and one that is sought in each of our members, partners, affiliates and employees.

  “Send a boy where he wants to go and you’ll see his best pace”


  “It takes a village…”

This African proverb resonates deep in the spirit of Marula Escapes. It is the animating principle behind which our brand is built. It is through the dedicated participation of each, that Marula Escapes is transformed from a Luxury Brand to a community. A community, fully engaged in sustaining the quality standards that define and differentiate the Marula Escapes brand.


The precise execution and implementation of accumulated knowledge and expertise, leaves an impression that is uniquely African. Each escape with M.E. is an enriching experience that leaves a lasting, unsurpassable impression, strengthening and growing our exceptional travel community.

“No one can return from the Serengeti unchanged…” Goerge Scheller

Your journey through Africa begins with M.E!