The South African city of Johannesburg, the second largest city of Africa, is the bustling home to more than 3 million people. As the country’s financial and entertainment captial, Jozi or Jo’burg, offers tourists and visitors an experience as diverse and unique as the city itself. Whether one is looking for an adrenaline rush, cultural experience or even wishing to take a breather from the mundanity of everyday life, The Greater Johannesburg area, with a metropolis bigger than London, New York & Sydney,  has much to offer.

Established in 1886 with the start of the South Africa Gold Rush period, Johannesburg has since established itself as a city where dreams come true, the proudly beating, golden heart of South Africa. With an approximate 6 million trees, Johannesburg is also the world’s biggest man-made jungle, giving visitors plenty of green spaces to unwind and escape life on the fast lane.

Although one could assume that Johannesburg is predominantly cricket’s haven, there is plenty else to do here. This city is a golfer’s paradise, offering some of the finest golf courses in South Africa. Jogger’s shouldn’t feel left out, as they are well catered to with sublime routes with an outdoor-friendly climate. Recreational centers offer services for everything from play facilities for toddlers to social clubs for senior citizens and housewives as well. There is an abundance of swimming pools, 38 in total, to keep the heat under control during the summer.

For those seeking the liberties of night life, Johannesburg boasts a vivacious one. Joburg has on offer some of the best pubs, restaurants and exclusive nightclubs one can hope to visit. Whether one wishes to bask in a more serene ambience, or to party into the early hours of the morning, Joburg has exactly what you are looking for.

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