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Our Services

1 Leisure Travel Services

Our leisure travel specialists, with years of experience and a great passion for the African continent will be delighted to provide assistance with:

  • Comprehensive vacation planning and recommendations
  • Travel insurance
  • Vacation trips to all destinations across the African continent and Oceanic Islands
  • Group Travel – family or friends
  • Special events — (Honeymoons, Anniversaries, Getaways, Birthdays, Babymoons etc.)
  • Tour and activities – day trips and fun activities one can enjoy independrntly
  • Restaurants and spa bookings

2 Corporate Travel Services

Leave the travel planning to M.E. … this is what WE do, so that you can focus on what it is that YOU do.

  • Your rules, Your policies and Your guidelines.
  • We do the search so that you don’t have to.
  • We send you proposals for approval, selection and payment.
  • Sit back and focus your on that which generates your revenue.
    • We will take care of all the bookings
    • Send you confirmations and their corresponding schedules
    • Simplified travel expense reporting: One payment – One Invoice – multiple services

Travel worry-free with M.E.

3  Consulting

The presence of a Tour-Leader can be booked independently of any other travel service and arranged according to Group and tour requirements.

  1. Meet & Greet the group upon arrival to the airport, train station or at the Hotel
  2. Take care of each individual part of the group
  3. Orientate the group safely along the contracted itinerary
  4. Coordinate all services involved (accommodation, catering, transport, activities  & guides)
  5. Answer questions of travelers if any
  6. Maintain a high spirit within the group
  7. Swiftly react with efficiency and responsibility in case of unexpected event
    • This service is available in English and Spanish